With Clovine,
Work smarter than with Asana

With Clovine, various projects’ progress and
due date can be comprehensively monitored
by grouping them.

Clovine provides a full range of features without restrictions. Get started for free
Project Portfolio Features
Clovine provides a full range of features without restrictions. Get started for free
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  • Customer C

    Clovine is the best App
    to manage projects.

  • Customer V

    Clovine is good for business
    and works management use.

  • Customer I

    It was such a surprise to see project management tools like Clovine in Korea.
    Managing projects with Clovine is easy and it is intuitively designed. I used to be a product N user and it was not as convenient as Clovine.

  • Customer L

    The most effective project management tool I've ever used
    It is very convenient to use. All provided features are as good as other global products like C*** or A***.

  • Customer N

    Excellent tool for business management.

  • Customer O

    This is an essential program in today's
    pandemic situation.

  • Customer E

    Clovine is perfect for working at home.
    I can easily share and report my tasks, manage large files, as well as manage project schedule.

Clovine application
Mind map

To the next step

Structure your project with Mind map.
It is easy to organize the entire work process and check task status and person in charge.

You can manage your tasks immaculately with 10 different project management features.

Project Mind map Features Project Mind map Features

Control tower for all projects

Gather projects in Portfolio.

It is a control tower to monitor and track project progress.
You can track project progress and check overdue tasks
and project members from multiple angles.

Project Portfolio Features

Outstanding file management feature

  • Are you managing your task and project files in an appropriate way?

    You can find related files fast and easy for
    each task and project with Drive.

    Project File Manager Features
    • R&D Project

    • Reference research 01.jpg

    • Reference research 02.jpg

  • Now, you do not need to create files under many different names.
    Upload files to Drive under the same name, then files’ version is automatically managed.
    You can download and restore files in Drive at any time.

    Project File Manager Features - File Version Management
  • Machine learning-based File Comparison feature tracks and displays changed contents by comparing 2 different versions of files.
    Improve your work efficiency with an automated file management feature.

    Project File Manager Features - File Compare

All these features are free of charge.

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The only professional project management solution, Clovine

Respect for the individual

Member management is not to be missed for project success.
Invite members with low workloads to your project
by checking their participating projects.

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Project Member Management Features

Share feedbacks

Take time to review projects before starting a new project.
Evaluate project performance, whether it is completed within the planned schedule,
team members are cooperative, and goals are achieved.

Project Evaluation Features

Minimize opportunity costs

Budgeting is the key factor for project success.
Budget helps you check if projects are running within the planned budget
by calculating labor and material costs and showing them in a chart.

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Project Budget Managemnet Features

Manage risks

You will meet unexpected situations during project progress.
The faster we manage risks, the smoother projects are run.
With Relation, Clovine's unique feature, risks can be managed faster and flawlessly.

Project Relation Features

Complete impeccably

Use Approval if permission from your manager is required to proceed task.
Link Approval to each task and manage it in real time.

Project Approval Features

Experience the rational solution
for your team to be more successful.

Do you need to collaborate with 10 team members for your project?
In Clovine, more features are provided than Asana at a reasonable price. 
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  • Task
  • Drive
  • Member
  • Portfolios
  • Relation
  • Personal Tools
$55.93 PER MONTH for 10 users
  • Task
  • Dashboards
  • Portfolios
$109.9 PER MONTH for 10 users
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  • Dashboards
  • Kanban boards
  • Overview
  • Gantt chart
  • Budget
  • Mind map
  • Feed
$55.93 PER MONTH for 10 users
  • Dashboards
  • List
  • Gantt chart
  • Board
  • Calendar
$109.9 PER MONTH for 10 users

Clovine provides all project management features you need.
Manage your project with Clovine.

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