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    Get a glimpse of Clovine's special features
    Mind Map
    Complete intuitive projects with the contents
    in Mind Map
    To do
    Manage your to-dos in one place
    Member Management
    Increase project through allocation
    with member management
    Kanban board
    Check and track your work status
    on the smart Kanban board
    File Manager
    Improve your work with
    file version management and tracking
    Monitor your planned and actual
    budget for your project
    Gantt Chart
    Check whether your project runs
    smoothly on schedule or not
    Share and communicate project status
    in the feed
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Why teams choose Clovine,

Replacement for Notion

Clovine supports your team to
ensure successful project completion
by monitoring issues in real-time and connecting tasks systematically
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Right answer for project management

Clovine for successful team collaboration

Right answer for project management,

Clovine for successful
team collaboration

Member Access Control
Collaborative Workspace
Permission Group
Project File Management
Project Issue Management
Budget Management
Real-time Notification
Auto scheduling
Mind Maps
24/7 support

Clovine Customer Stories

Working Smarter,
Not Harder 🧐

Managing scattered goals
and tasks in one place

Clovine 'Portfolio'

Stop doing work for work

Portfolio Report displays various needed information
such as project progress, participants, overdue projects,
and many more. Customize your Portfolio Report with your required information.

Every project in one place

You can easily monitor project progress
with synchronized project goals and task lists.
You can focus on meaningful work 100% with Portfolio.
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project progress

With Clovine, easily monitor project
Overview will help you to achieve a high
success rate by following overdue
tasks and
schedules with Dashboard.

Notifications in real-time

You can check project issues
in real-time by Notification.
Customize Notification Settings
to best suit your convenience.

Auto Scheduling

Has your company established international branches?
Is your client located in a different country?
Cooperate and collaborate with project participants anywhere,
anytime by Time Zone Setting and Due Date Management.

Just 5 mins to shift your Team Quality into the finest, Clovine

Mind Map
File compare

Linking tasks
within your project

Task progress can be monitored intuitively,
with categorized tasks in Mind Map.
You can manage your projects effectively by
categorizing and connecting tasks and
monitoring task progress in real-time.

Distinctive File Analyzing feature

By comparing and analyzing details of documents such as text,
images, and tables and showing differences between two files,
project productivity increases significantly.

Managing risks

You will meet unexpected situations during project progress.
The faster we manage risks, the smoother projects are run.
With Relation, Clovine's unique feature, risks can be managed faster and flawlessly.

Minimizing opportunity costs

Budgeting is the key factor for project success.
Budget helps you monitor if projects are running within the planned budget by
calculating labor and material costs and showing them in a chart.

Sharing feedbacks

Take time to review projects
before starting a new project.
Evaluate project performance, whether it is completed
within the planned schedule, team members are
cooperative, and goals are achieved.

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Do 10 project participants need to cooperate?
Clovine offers more features than Notion at a reasonable price.

Everything you need for
project success is here, in
Experience all
these features for free.

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